Meeting the unmet Need

Join us for our second panel discussion!

November 17th, 2022 6:30PM - 8:00PM EST:

Join us at 6pm November 17th, 2022 for a candid conversation with experienced industry leaders designed to provide viewers with relevant information regarding cancer testing, coaching, tools, and community.

It is our sincere pleasure to invite you to participate in TCI’s virtual webinar panel discussion, the first held on October 18th and the second on November 17th. This year’s panels will bring together patients, coaches and healthcare professionals from around the world to address mutual challenges and share information, thoughts, tips and tricks on how to navigate the world of metastatic cancer testing and treatment.

The webinar will open with an acoustic performance from Grammy Nominated artist Anthony David. Time will be available to ask questions of all panel members to close out the session.

Brought to you by our sponsor GE Healthcare!

Building Pathways to Equity

Join us for an IN-PERSON webinar panel discussion!

December 6th, 2022 6:00PM - 8:00PM CST:

Join The Chrysalis Initiative for an evening of engaging discussion led by an esteemed panel of prominent clinicians and patient advocates who will come together to share new perspectives on breast cancer with the purpose of building a stronger pathway to healthcare equity.

Hear from experts about how molecular imaging is playing a larger role in the earlier diagnosis, staging, and treatment-related evaluation and management of breast cancer for patients, as well as how diagnostic imaging may ultimately be instructive in determining the most appropriate course of treatment. 

Panelists will also share strategies on how patients can become more effective in advocating for these imaging agents, as well as feature many of TCI’s resources, including the availability coaches to help patients navigate throughout their journey.