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The BC Navi App is for breast cancer patients to provide support in their education of the Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum while tracking their continuum of care and providing dashboard reporting to their oncology support teams within the center increasing capacity and engagement.  The app also allows breast cancer patients to share their individual experiences at various centers.  By encouraging transparency and accountability for providers while giving access to information and resources for the patients; light is shed on experiential realities.  This is an all-important step in reforming bad practices and reimagining treatment and screening protocols for more equitable outcomes.  Within the app, you will be able to reach out for help, resources, and directly connect with your coach! 

The Chrysalis Initiative - Mobile App
One-on-One Coaching - The Chrysalis Initiative

One-on-One Coaching

Access to One-on-One Coaching has been shown to result in a substantially higher quality of life for patients, which can greatly impact outcomes.  We will match you with a breast cancer coach to help you navigate through your diagnosis.

One-on-One Coaching - The Chrysalis Initiative
Provider Training & Education of Cancer - The Chrysalis Initiative

Provider Training & Education

The Provider Training and Education is designed to help train nurse navigators and medical professionals within cancer teams.  It ensures knowledge of a comprehensive model for optimal cancer care.  Better understanding for a better world, one provider at a time. 

Virtual Learning Modules - The Chrysalis Initiative

Virtual Learning Modules

Sign up for the Virtual Learning Management Modules to get access to program materials, including PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and interactive participant materials for Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum.  These are tools to empower and access to change patient realities. 

Virtual Learning Modules - The Chrysalis Initiative

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When you donate to The Chrysalis Initiative, you help address the disparities that patients with breast cancer face while continuing to provide resources for these communities.