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Jamil Rivers - Founder, The Chrysalis Initiative

Jamil Rivers

Founder, The Chrysalis Initiative

Our founder

At only 39 years old, Jamil was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer de novo.  The determination to fight and survive for her family launched her into vigorous research to understand and contend with breast cancer.  The extensive research Jamil undertook along her own journey became the foundation of a lifelong commitment to exploring and enacting optimal and comprehensive breast cancer care. 

She became an advocate, using her knowledge base and experiences to help advance legislative policy, medical research, and customize support to better meet the needs of individuals who have breast cancer (particularly metastatic), Black patients and other disparate groups.

The Chrysalis Initiative was born from Jamil’s experiences offering guidance to women on how to thrive with breast cancer, even as she was actively receiving chemo herself. 

Jamil also incorporates integrative therapies and is doing well thanks to chemotherapy coupled with improving her nutrition.  She and her husband have three children and reside in Williamstown, NJ.

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The Facts

Disparity Facts

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For breast cancer, compared with non-Hispanic Whites, the adjusted relative risk of death is 71% higher for non-Hispanic Blacks and 14% higher in Hispanics (JAMA Network).

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Racial disparities are observed in luminal tumors and most pronounced among Black women of high socioeconomic status. Black women tend to be diagnosed younger and with more aggressive breast cancers than their White counterparts (CDC and NIH). 


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Approximately 12.9% of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime (SEER).

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There are an estimated 3,577,264 women living with breast cancer in the United States (SEER).

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Estimated new cases of breast cancer annually are 276,480 (SEER 13).

Board of Directors

Kristin Schriver

Board Vice President

Regina Robinson-Harris


Allison Book-Arango

Board Secretary

Jennifer Brown

Board Member

Hayley Knollman, MD


Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi, Ph.D.


Michele Kelly

Board Member

Medical Advisors

Dr. Zanetta Lamar

Medical Advisor

Dr. Monique Gary

Medical Advisor

Christine Hodgdon

Clinical Trial Advisor

Altovise T. Ewing, Ph.D., LCGC

Medical Advisor

rose dimarco

Medical Advisor


Medical Advisor

Elizabeth McDonald, MD, PhD, FSBI

Medical Advisor


Roberta "Bobbi" Albany

TCI Coach

Roxana Guerra

TCI Coach

Available to download!

BC Navi App

The BC Navi App is for breast cancer patients to provide support in their education of the Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum while tracking their continuum of care and providing dashboard reporting to their oncology support teams within the center increasing capacity and engagement.  The app also allows breast cancer patients to share their individual experiences at various centers.  By encouraging transparency and accountability for providers while giving access to information and resources for the patients; light is shed on experiential realities.  This is an all-important step in reforming bad practices and reimagining treatment and screening protocols for more equitable outcomes.  Within the app, you will be able to reach out for help, resources, and directly connect with your coach! 

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What People Are Saying

My Chrysalis check-ins on Fridays are the highlight of my week!

Chrysalis gave me a much-needed slice of hope.

The Chrysalis Initiative is amazing! Jamil is my shero!

Thank God for The Chrysalis Initiative. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It certainly helped as I was all over the place.

Thanks to the support of The Chrysalis Initiative, I am feeling confident and ready to begin my path to healing.

The Chrysalis Initiative is a blessing and so supportive of me! I appreciate them so much.

The Chrysalis Initiative is a godsend. Thanks for your continued support. I've learned so much!

You must have a crystal ball because whenever I'm feeling a little low...here you come. I'm grateful for you because you are truly a blessing.

I love that my Chrysalis coach is always thinking of me. It means a lot, and I appreciate it very much.

Jamil is the Stacey Abrams of breast cancer for Black women.

Our Programs

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Chrysalis Cancer Coaching Curriculum Patient Education

Access to One-on-One Coaching has been shown to result in a substantially higher quality of life for patients, which can greatly impact outcomes.  We will match you with a breast cancer coach to help you navigate through your diagnosis. 

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Chrysalis Initiative Cancer Curriculum Patient Advocacy Action Training

Sign up for the Virtual Learning Management Modules to get access to program materials, including PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and interactive participant materials for Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum.  These are tools to empower and access to change patient realities. 

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Chrysalis Cancer Curriculum Industry training

The Provider Training and Education is designed to help train nurse navigators and medical professionals within cancer teams.  It ensures knowledge of a comprehensive model for optimal cancer care. Better understanding for a better world, one provider at a time. 

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Chrysalis Initiative Cancer Curriculum Student Training Program

The Chrysalis Initiative Cancer Curriculum Student Training Programs are a learning opportunity for students pursuing careers in medical sciences and/or research to expose them to topics related to health equity and the unique needs of patient populations vulnerable to disparities.