Roxana Guerra Alexandria, VA


Roxana is a seven-year Thriver with metastatic breast cancer. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer December 2015 at the age of 41 (Invasive Lobular Carcinoma/Lobular Carcinoma in situ) ER+PR+HER2- and after my mastectomy in February 2016 found out I was Stage 3C.  She went through 8 cycles of AC/Taxol chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy.  

She decided in November 2016 to get her ovaries removed, and thankfully she did because a 3 cm malignant tumor was found on her left ovary.  She has been taking Ibrance along with Anastrozole since July 2017.  Since removing her ovaries, she has been, with no evidence of active disease. She has dedicated herself to breast cancer advocacy for Spanish-speaking women and men in her community of DMV(DC, Maryland and Virginia).  She attends support groups at Nueva Vida, a non-profit organization that serves Spanish-speaking women with cancer in the DMV, where she tries to be their Voice.  

She is an Alumni with LBBC-Hear My Voice 2021 Roxana’s area of expertise is in emotional support and peer referral to breast cancer resources available in Spanish as well as English. Roxana looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with her community. Her personal experience living with breast cancer is the reason she decided to not only advocate for herself, but for her Spanish-speaking community.